Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tree Killer Ink #10


Tree Killer Ink #10 features new poetry by John Yamrus, Wolfgang Carstens, Nahshon Cook, Rob Plath, William Taylor Jr. and Lyn Lifshin; prose by John Macker, Rob Dyer, Marie Lecrivain, John Dorsey, A. Molotkov, R L Raymond, Zack Wilson, and Erik “The Lizardman” Sprague.
The first twenty-five orders also include the Spring 2011 edition of Trash & Crackers (PigeonBike). The issue features poetry by Jhon Baker, Wolfgang Carstens, Emanuelle Catagena, Murphy Clamrod, Jack Cooper, Lawrence Gladeview, Michael Grover, Richard Hartwell, Lynne Hayes, Edaurdo Jones, Tiko Lewis, Milner Place, Rob Plath, David Pointer, R L Raymond, Rick Stansberger, Jack Varnell and John Yamrus; prose by Lynn Doiron, Rob Dyer, Lavonne Westbrooks, and CC Yurkoski; art and images by Rob Dyer, R L Raymond, Jack Varnell and Nicholas Rocco.

The first twenty-five orders of Tree Killer Ink #10 also includes a limited edition broadside printed on Parchtone paper, numbered and signed by the author.


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