Thursday, April 14, 2011

Red Fez Publications Releases 33rd Issue Online


FEZLANDIA. Wednesday, April 13, 2011 – Red Fez Publications has just released Issue #33. Monthly issues are published online on the 13th of each month.
Featured in this issue is the column of Paul Corman-Roberts, “Dispatches from Atlantis”. Going from Vegas to Cali can’t be that hard, right? Maybe if there’s not any warlocks out for you– Winning!

In the Articles and Reviews section you will find a strange and informative non-fiction piece, “Art History” by Anthony Spaeth along with three new book reviews.

David Blaine (the poet, not the magician) brings us a video called “Vitamin Water” and Leopold McGinnis (our founding editor and awesome benefactor) gives us a groove-daddy listen to one of the poems from his recent collection “Zeus and the Giant Iced Tea”.

There’s a special on appendages in the Photos department with images from Eleanor Leonne Bennett and Marvic Adecer clocks in with a comic we can all relate to.

Red Fez is pleased to present poetry by first-time contributors Todd Cirillo, Richard Cody, Melissa Studdard, Miguel Caldas, Dan Smith, Greg Peters, Catfish McDaris, James D. Quinton, Alexander J. Allison, Damian Rivera, R L Raymond, Stacy Skolnik, Sweta Srivastava Vikram, Jason Ryberg, Valery Oisteanu, Gillian Prew, and Melissa Hansen as well as new poems by returning contributors Rebecca Schumejda, John Dorsey, Alan Catlin, Simon Friel, Mather Schneider, James H. Duncan, John Rocco, and John Grochalski.

Nathan Graziano returns to the stories section with two flash fiction pieces and Bill McLaughlin is back with the second installment in the six-part series, “Breakfast and a Cigarette, A Novella in Four Directions”. The other talented authors included in this section are William Taylor Jr., F. N. Wright, J. Claudius Cloyd, Kenneth Weene, Tom Andrews, Andy Henion, Jon Beight, and Paula Sophia Schonauer.

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About Red Fez Publications:

Established in 2002 and founded by Leopold McGinnis, Red Fez Publications is an Independent publisher committed to bringing recognition to underground and under-recognized writers and artists. Red Fez publishes an online literary journal featuring literature and art outside of the narrow, academic stream and has published over 350 authors from around the world. Poems and short stories that have first appeared on Red Fez have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, storySouth Million Writers Award, Sundress Publications Best of the Net and Dzanc Books Best of the Web.


  1. I viewed the issue. I enjoyed it. I used to subscribe to Sun magazine. I had forgotten how much I liked it. Reading Red Fez made me think about renewing again.

  2. I like the flavor of the contributing writers at Red Fez..bits and pieces jump out at me, for example, in the poem 'The Death of Language' by John Dorsey..."think of Heaven as just another turnpike entrance" and "the trees, bare winter branches snagging the sky, all bend low
    and pull down the night" from 'It's Where I Want to Go' by Richard Cody