Sunday, February 13, 2011

Red Fez Publications Releases 31st Issue Online


FEZLAND. Sunday, February 13, 2011-- Red Fez is back with its second monthly issue. Now with more madcap than ever before, this issue features videos from Peter Schwartz and the Red Fez Janitor guy, Brian Fugett of Zygote in my Coffee.

Red Fez was well represented at this year's Snoetry event in Elyria, Ohio. Lynn Alexander, special correspondent and Red Fez Fiction Editor Extraordinaire, phoned in a live report from the event to Tim Murray at Red Fez Radio #5. Janitor dude, Brian Fugett, was on the scene taking video footage when he wasn't busy tying up the phone lines for the first all-call-in Red Fez Radio. Two of these videos make their appearance in this issue. Look for more of these stunning videos on Red Fez and Zygote in my Coffee.

Negotiations are pending with Fiction Editor Slacker, Andy Meisenheimer. He claims to have busted his knee in the employee lounge at the close of the last issue. Nevertheless, we are confident his return is near at hand. The Fiction staff at Red Fez continued on with much diligence to present the fine work of Lana Casiello-Boyle, Mike Hancock, Carissa Halston, Joel Sweeney and Kathleen Radigan.

The Articles and Reviews section is packed to the gills in this issue with columns by Karl Koweski and Paul Corman-Roberts; reviews by J.A. Tyler, Michael Filippone and Robert Kloss; and non-fiction from Gail Clinton and Ashwin Parulkar.

Girls, guns and hot rods appear in the Art section with photography by Jami Beck.

Last but never least, this issue includes poetry from some of the best scuba divers in the small press. Contributors are Nathan Elias, Hal Daniel, Nicole Taylor, A.J. Huffman, John Dorsey, Dan Provost, Gerald So, Mather Schneider, The Emotional Orphan, John Grey, Brett Stout, Steven Gulvezan, Craig Firsdon, Linda Lerner, M. A. Schaffner, and Charles Clifford Brooks III.

*A note about our programming- I know nothing about programming. Since our Video section decided to go wonky while our fearless yet tired leader Leopold McGinnis is on vacation, one must seek and find the videos for this issue in the Poetry and Stories sections.

About Red Fez Publications:
Red Fez Publications is an online literary journal published monthly. Red Fez features poetry and prose outside of the narrow, academic stream. Red Fez is committed to bringing light to underground and under-recognized writers and writing.

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