Monday, February 28, 2011

Mickey Finn's Pub hosts open call for video shoots of local artists

Are you looking for a bigger audience to enjoy your music, poetry, or visual art? If so, Mickey Finn's Pub will begin shooting local talent for their compilation dvd series and local television show on Thursday, March, 3, 2011.

There will be filming of local talent every Thursday, starting at 8:00 pm, until it seems as though every available artist in the Northwest Ohio area has been covered. All styles and mediums of artists and bands are encouraged to participate in this event.

Each participant will receive a copy of a dvd highlighting the footage of their performance and/or exhibition. Also, participants will be given an uploadable track that they can post on their web page.

Talent is being booked on a first come/first served basis. So if you would like to be included in this exciting project, and want to see your talent being showcased on both a series of dvds and a television show, send a response by email to When corresponding, please make sure that the subject line says "Video" so that it does not get classified as spam mail.

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